Laying on of Stones (2024)

120 x 28 x 28 cm

iron, magnetite, pyrite, thread, stone paper, photography, giclée print, repurposed objects

Photos by Ingrid Hopland Gimse

Laying on of Stones explores the dichotomy which persists between the use and extraction of natural resources, and the distancing between humans, nature and technology. A pictoral book rests in the iron hands, while holding a chain of beads made from magnetite and pyrite, also known as Healers Gold. The book presents a narrative of artificial formed landscape through satelitte images, and inside the mine shafts, documenting changes from 1942 to 2021. This reflects on the view on value of minerals and stones in relation to culture, corresponding to historical shifts in belief systems.

Photo by Tor S. Ulstein

© 2024 Ann Edvartsen Hay